Lisa Duke

: Certified Weight Coach

Expert Overview

Lisa Duke is a mindset coach for women over 40 who want to lose weight.

Work with Me

If you’ve never been able to take the weight off, keep the weight off, or if what used to work just isn’t working now, I can help.

Most people think they are the problem when it comes to staying at a healthy weight – that they just don’t have enough willpower.

But the science shows we all have about the same amount of willpower. We are just using the willpower we do have working on the wrong things.

The real problem is that we are stuck inside a loop of overdesire for food.

I help clients get to the root cause of what’s driving that overdesire and defuse it with the ACE Weight Loss Methodology.

My proprietary methodology has helped clients lose weight and keep it off for life.

I back my program with a money-back guarantee. Complete the 16 week program, and if you aren't looking & feeling better for up to a year after, I'll return your cash to you.

Let's work on this together.