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Lisa Hatlestad

: Master Coach for Creative, Sensitive Women

Coaching Philosophy

I work with creative, sensitive women - many of them helpers and healers themselves - who struggle with insecurity and the shame, anxiety and disconnection that come with it.

I see my compassionate, grounded, trauma-informed coaching as a sort of medicine for the soul …medicine badly needed by women in a culture that has us rejecting and suppressing our own essential needs and natures in order to “earn" the right to belong.

If you’re often mentally and emotionally depleted, stressed, angry and frustrated with yourself…
If you have a persistent inner critic that keeps you in fight or flight mode and feeling less than other women…
If you aren’t even sure what you really want, versus what you believe you need to want…

Let’s get you re-connected with your Self, so you have every thing you need to BE in the world powerfully and on-purpose.

Work with Me

My offerings include one-to-one and group coaching.  Click here to learn more and schedule a Discovery Call.