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Lisa Martinello

: Master Mindset and Personal Branding Coach for Coaches

Coaching Philosophy

I help new and established coaches get clear, confident and compelling, so they can become magnetic to their ideal clients and make the money and impact they dream of.

In my work, I blend mindset, intuition and strategy.

As an experienced Master coach and Coach Instructor, I'll help you win at the inner work of being in business.

You’ll learn to overcome your self-doubt and perfectionism, develop a healthy, loving relationship with your business and build true self-belief.
You’ll finally stop hiding, waiting, and comparing.
You’ll learn how to trust yourself and transform from a “good student” to a thought leader.

Plus, as a personal branding expert, I will help you uncover the very essence that makes you unique and will turn you into the go-to person in the mind of your ideal clients… so they can’t help but choose YOU.

The branding work we’ll do isn’t about a cute logo and a color palette - it is the inner foundation that aligns your business with who you are and will set you up for success.

We’ll explore who you are in business and why, who you help, and the value you offer.

You’ll grow your clarity, confidence, and creativity as we define your positioning, craft your authentic business message, uncover your voice and develop your signature methodology. And then, we’ll translate this into the exact offers your clients are waiting for.

And when you have all that?

You become truly magnetic in your business, in the way you show up, share, sell and help.

Marketing yourself is 100% easier. Business feels good, and feels like you. You finally have the focus and direction you need to take consistent action and get results.

I believe business isn’t “just business”, but an opportunity to become who we truly are as we help others do the same.

You have something inside of you that is already powerful and special.
You don’t need to copy someone else to create success in your coaching practice.
In fact, to be wildly successful, you need to bring out MORE of who you are.

Let me help you take your brilliance and package it into an in-demand personal brand, so you can serve more clients and make more money by being you.

Work with Me

Ready to finally own your brilliance, become magnetic to your ideal clients, and build a coaching business that feels as good as it is successful?

Let's spend one game-changer day together defining your Magnetic Brand Map.

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