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Lisa Schwaller

: Sexless Relationship Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I can help you if you’re the partner who doesn’t want to have sex.

I can help you if you’re the partner who is tired of being rejected time after time.

You’ve heard the usual relationship advice. But maybe ideas like “plan a date night” and “wear sexy underwear” actually make things worse, not better.

Your heart knows that the problem isn’t entirely about sex.

I have been in sexless relationships. It’s heartbreaking. All I ever wanted was a loving relationship. Why couldn’t I make it work? I felt like such a screw up, and ashamed of myself on top of all the other things I thought were wrong with me.

Did you know that you can find peace...and have great sex? I’m living proof that you can create real change that lasts. It’s my mission to help end suffering for people who want intimate, strong relationships and connected families.

People work with me to:

  • Deal with their shame around sex
  • Feel comfortable with their sexuality in relationship
  • Feel safe with their partner
  • Stop blaming their partner
  • Stop feeling angry about their relationship
  • Support other trauma healing modalities

Work with Me

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