Liz Carroll

: Money & Life Coach

Expert Overview

I am money mindset coach, the co-founder of Mindful Money Coaches and the creator of the Mindful Money Method course. In addition to being a Certified Life Coach, I am a Certified Financial Coach and Yoga/Meditation teacher. I help entrepreneurial women set themselves up financially by using a combination of mindset, math and mindfulness either through 1:1 or group coaching. My style is direct, loving and non-judgmental. I am particularly skilled at helping high-achieving mothers eliminate mom guilt and raise financially independent adult children. I believe financial wellness is essential for a women to step into her most radiant version of herself. Let me help you find your Splendor, it's in you and waiting to shine.

Work with Me

My clients blow their own mind by how much more they earn and save by shifting their money mindset. Let me help you discover what's possible for you. Schedule a free mini session or download my Financial Wellness Checklist to start setting yourself up. For those wanting financial coaching with their partner, my husband (a financial coach) and I coach couples together.