Liz Rook, DO

: Life & Balance Coach for High Achieving Women

Expert Overview

I help high achieving women relax into their authentic self via awareness, acceptance and allowance of their thoughts and emotions using both a mindset and mind-body approach to re-integrating and accepting all of our emotions. Often we've unconsciously picked up habits of perfectionism, people pleasing and caretaking to our own detriment.

My clients are smart, driven and often have accomplished all of their life goals. Then they feel increasingly untethered and usatisfied, like something is missing. Or they're overworking, overeating, overhelping and are feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

I support and guide women back to their inner wisdom and strength that's gotten buried by the "have to" and "should" of the world around us and help them instead slow down, simplify and clarify to create balance, reduce stress and embrace physical, mental and emotional health with love, humor and compassion so they can thrive in every arena of their lives as fully free and empowered women.

Work with Me

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