Loren Finger

: Certified Career and Life Coach for Mums

Expert Overview

I am a Certified Career and Life Coach for Mums, the founder of TLC for Working Mums™ and the host of TLC for Working Mums Podcast.

I help working Mums get clarity on their next career move, and then help them land their dream career.

I also help Mums confidently create a thriving career, WHILE being amazing and present Mums to their kids.

Through the lens of life and career coaching, plus my experience as a working Mum in corporate (as a lawyer), not-for-profit (as CEO) and in my own successful business, I have developed a proven framework for Mums to confidently change or advance their careers, whilst showing up as the Mum they’ve always wanted to be.

The truth is, you can have both a thriving career AND be an amazing Mum. My coaching philosophy and program will show you HOW.

After all, all Mums need TLC.

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