Loren Paige

: Coach for Socially Awkward Introverts

Coaching Philosophy

I help socially awkward introverts feel less anxious in social situations so they can feel comfortable being themselves and feel connection with others.

My coaching isn't about helping you become someone you're not (aka not forcing you to be extroverted!). Instead it's helping you embrace who you are and show up in a way the feels natural for you.

I help you learn how to stand confident in who you are in all your awkward glory so that the opinions of others don't shrink you into hiding.

Expect to have FUN in these coaching sessions! There tends to be many belly laughs along the way.

Work with Me

I offer a 6 month program where I take you through 3 phases: Unlearning what you believe about yourself as an introvert, Relearning what actually makes you way more interesting person than you may believe, and then going out and practicing these concepts in real life scenarios.