Lylas Leona

: Lady Sculpt Lifestyle Coach

Expert Overview

I help women up level their fitness. Finally, CREATE the body you have always wanted.

Seriously, I can make weight loss easy...and that is when the fun starts!

My passion is watching my clients create bodies that blow their own minds.

It's possible for YOU.

Learn to use food strategically to get the results you want.

Learn to use your mind to create your motivation and drive.

Learn to use muscle development and cardiovascular exercise to literally sculpt your desired shape.

Become the artist behind your body

Create your Sculpted Lifestyle.

I believe ALL women should feel strong and capable.

Encourage ~ Educate ~ Empower ~ Elevate

Work with Me

I invite you to book a 20 minute Complimentary Goal Strategy Session with me to discuss exactly how to create your Sculpted Lifestyle.