Madeleine Strasburg

: Chief Financial Mom Coach

Expert Overview

Do you feel that you are BAD WITH MONEY?

I am here to tell you that you already have everything you need to be good with money!

Yes, being good with money is more than just knowing how to do money math. It is about developing (and sometimes finding) your abilities and talents to support a life of financial freedom.

Money is just a tool Heavenly Father provides as a way to help you learn and grow on your path back to Him.

I can help you become good with money in your pocket and in your mind.

Work with Me

Have you dreamed what life will look like when you become good with Money?

Imagine the peace and confidence you will feel and the impact you will have on your family, ward, and community!

Let’s get you there ASAP with one of these two options:

1. Join the Chief Financial Mom (CFM) Academy - A 6-month program designed to develop the 9 most important attributes to support and guarantee a lifetime of financial freedom.

Are you curious to find out what these characteristics are?

Click here to receive my FREE video series: How to Become a Chief Financial Mom - The 9 characteristics you need to Develop to be good with Money.

2. One-On-One Coaching - For those who want to build a customized financial success plan and learn how to actually follow it.