Maggie Kang MD

: Physician Mom Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help burned out physician moms create a new narrative.
It is possible to ditch the mom guilt, get unstuck, feel more energetic, enjoy your career again, and have fun with your family again.


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While my life was already on a steady course toward burnout, a major curveball was thrown my way. My nine year-old daughter was admitted to the ICU and diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. Supporting my daughter and my family, while trying to keep up with my busy medical practice, left me depleted. Then the pandemic completely upended my life (as it upended everyone's).

After working with a physician life coach, I discovered that I had agency over my life. I chose my new narrative and noticed immediate positive changes in my relationships, how I felt about my career and overall energy level.

Do you want to create a new narrative? Work with me.