Maggie Reyes

: Master Marriage Coach

Expert Overview


  1. How you love is how you live so learning to love better in your marriage  impacts every area of your life.
  2. A well loved heart does not go to war with itself or others. Improving our marriages is how we change the world. One loving heart at a time.
  3. Personal responsibility and self validation are the keys to loving even more deeply, and thriving without attachment.
  4. You can laugh about things other couples fight about.
  5. The fight you don’t have is the fight you don’t need to recover from.
  6. Feelings are like water they need to flow or they become deadly.
  7. One person can change the world and one person can change a marriage.
  8. Your highest inner wisdom always knows what’s best for you, removing any limiting beliefs or obstacles between your own inner knowing is what the coaching process is for.
  9. The quality of a relationship is more important than it’s length.
  10. Not every marriage can or should be saved, but every relationship can be improved and brought to its maximum potential for growth and thriving.
  11. Grounded, centered love is the best place to make decisions from.
  12. Coaching tools based in cognitive science, neurobiology and socratic questioning can help you have a better life and a better marriage. You can learn and master these tools through practice and incorporate them into your daily life just like yoga or meditation.

Work with Me

Are you finally ready to learn how to have a better marriage?

The Marriage MBA, which stands for The Marriage Mindset Breakthrough Activator is here to help you do exactly that.

It’s a 6 month learning and coaching program where you will learn the skills and simple self coaching tools that will help you manage emotions like resentment and anger in productive ways and find the ways your marriage is already working and build on the foundation of love you already have.

Then use those skills over and over again for years to come.

Here are some of the issues this 6 month marriage breakthrough program can help you address:

You want to feel more confident when you talk about your future, your money or your approach to parenting.

You want to drop the resentment that you know will poison your relationship if you let it keep growing.

If there are moments your honey drives you insane but you know your reactions aren't proportional and you want to do something about them

If there has been a breach of trust you want to overcome and aren't sure how to do it

If you know in your heart that you might want to end it, but you want your conscience clear that you did EVERYTHING you could first

Things are ok but you know in your heart they could be better

You want to create a marriage culture (the way you do things at home) where you speak to each other as if you love each other on a regular basis.

You are constantly over functioning to "save the day" and you are exhausted

You feel resentment more often than you feel love

You want to make your marriage better for ANY reason.

If any of these (or several!) apply to you, then what I teach in this program can help you.

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