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Maree White

: 50ish Middle Life Coaching

Coaching Philosophy

Your middle life transition is a profound turning point.
It is the most magnificent time in your life to work out what you want, who you are and how to make it happen.

It is your time to lay the foundations for a rich, connected self-expressed life for the years to come.
The problem is when you have been doing life in the same way with the same brain for such a long time, it’s hard to see your blind spots.

Without a second set of eyes, it’s easy to approach this new life chapter with the same stale thinking that has blocked you up in the past.

I can help you change that.

My name is Maree, I work with women who have arrived at middle life who want to create a breakthrough but recognise the way they are thinking is holding them back.

Work with Me

One Selfish Quarter is my new signature, three month 1:1 coaching program for women.

This program is designed to create a powerful breakthrough in your life.

We work one on one in an area where you feel blocked.

I teach you the principles of my work, I show you how to apply them, and then I coach you where you get stuck.

We are dedicated to your transformation.

(For a limited time, and as an introductory offer, I am offering a significant discount to 5 women who would like to participate in the work before I take it to a broader audience. This will be in exchange for an honest testimonial/review on completion of the work.)

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