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Marinda Tervo

: Happiness Coach for Moms

Coaching Philosophy

If you’re not happy, it’s NOT because you need to be more thankful, that you should get out more, or that you just need to DO something.

If you don't think your life is amazing, it’s because you’re not acting and showing up right.

I have a process that teaches you how to show up as if your life is amazing, RIGHT NOW, even when happiness feels so far away. And it’s not about faking it until you make it.

It’s not just about having a gratitude journal.

It’s about what’s going on in your brain that’s creating your unhappiness.

Listen, there is nothing you genuinely want that you can’t have if you stay aligned.

I know what it’s like to want to blame the kids or your husband or everything that’s going on at home. I know what it’s like to think that your life is the reason you’re not happy.

You don’t have to change your life to feel better. When you feel better, your life changes.

My process will have you feeling satisfied about your life and and proud of who you are being.

Genuine happiness will come easy, and you’ll be able to show up as the mom you always wanted to be.

Are you ready to get started?

Work with Me

I want to invite you to come tell me everything. Tell me what you thought being a mom was going to be like, how different your current reality is from that, and I will teach you how to show up and be happy, EVEN WHEN your life says otherwise.

Showing up as a happy version of you, can change everything.

I have 6 kids and I think my life is amazing. Every mom deserves to feel this way. If you want genuine happiness in your life, you can schedule your Happiness In An Hour call here.

When you get on the phone with me, we’re going to talk about your happiness and how there’s nothing wrong with you that you struggle with this and it’s actually easier than you think to be happy.

When you leave, you’re going to have my process to take with you and apply whenever you want to shift how you’re feeling.

When you work with me, you will feel 70% happier in less than3 months.

Oh. And I believe that life coaching is a practice, which is why I give my clients lifetime access. We work 1:1 for 12 weeks, and then you’re in my group for life. THIS is your happy place. You belong here.

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See you soon.