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Mary Buck

: Confidence & Mindset Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help women develop the confidence to say yes to the life they have always dreamed of living.

-Are you afraid to speak your mind, in fear of what other people may think?
-Do you question your parenting skills, or whether you are a "good enough" spouse or daughter?
-Are you hesitant to go after a job you really want, or make a career change, because it feels so much easier to stay comfortable?
-Do you struggle with indecision, because what if you make the wrong choice?
-Do you worry that following your dreams could lead others to be disappointed in you?

If any of those resonate with you, I can help you!

Work with Me

I offer weekly, one on one coaching sessions via Zoom. Each session lasts one hour. I currently offer two options:

6 week Self Confidence & Mindset Course. This is the best way to get started on this transformative journey.
Individual sessions

Schedule your free consultation today so we can discuss the best option for you!

Work with me