Mary-Jane Leitner

: Money Mindset Coach

Expert Overview

I empower women to be their own money bosses & connect with their inner money maven.

Work with Me

Being a Money Mindset Coach enables me to merge two things I love: accounting and coaching.

My experience as a tax & bookkeeping professional combined with the tools and strategies in understanding our brain and how it works gives me a unique perspective as a Money Mindset Coach.

Changing my money narrative from "I can't afford that" to "How can I afford that?" has made me go through my very own money mindset & life transformation.  Gaining the solid foundation of my relationship with money is also positively impacting  all the other aspects of my life - self-image, relationships, career, environment, and others.

To start your own transformation to be your money boss and connect with your inner money maven, book a wallet consultation here.