Mary Remmes

: Life Coach

Expert Overview

I believe it's possible for every woman with an elderly parent to experience this phase of their life with peace and joy.  That's because you always get to decide what your role as an adult child looks like in your elderly parent's life. I help women learn how to make decisions about their role from a place that feels good, not pressured.

With coaching my clients are able to stop putting their own plans on hold and begin mapping out a their life knowing that it's not necessary to be in their parents vicinity at all times. They get to enjoy their life again and will ultimately be able to stand at their parents graveside, sad that their parent is gone & content with how they experienced the final years with them.

Work with Me

I offer a 12-week, 1-to-1 coaching program where you'll meet with me weekly via zoom OR phone call. Each week you learn to navigate your relationship with your elderly parent and their care using your brain to create a confidence blueprint. You will have the exact plan to work with your brain instead of against it to decide levels of care, relationships with siblings and how to make the next best decision.

After twelve weeks together, your capacity for love and well being will be at an all time high. You'll be able to manage your parents' care without being drained. And there's a good chance the rest of your relationships will benefit as well.