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Matthea Rentea MD

: Emotional Overeating Weight Loss Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help women to health their relationship with food, to finally put dieting and yo-yo weight loss in the past. A strong emphasis of my coaching is on understanding self-sabotage, and how to bring in self-compassion so the changes you make stick around for life!

Work with Me

If you are ready to finally understand how to listen to what your body needs with food and life. To unlearn diet culture. To just feel better despite all the messiness and stress of life, I am the coach for you. I can show you how.

Areas of strength:

  • Helping woman that identify as having a lifetime of being overweight to form an entirely new identity that is successful in this area
  • Understanding the stress-burnout cycle and how to plays out in weight loss
  • How to keep it simple for massive success