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Meagan Norris

: The Stressed Mom Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I believe in customizing coaching for each individual mom.  You have a unique flavor of stress, overwhelm, and anxiety.  I want to unpack it in a way that feels good for YOU. I have the tools, you have a human brain.   Together we can make your life MAGIC instead of a grind.

Work with Me

I started out my career as an attorney then transitioned to being a SAHM.  With the birth of my 3rd and last baby, things started to crack.  My stress levels were rising daily and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.  I started and quit a million times, couldn't focus, and was so hard on myself because of it.

Now I teach moms in 3 months what took me 4 years to figure out.  I figured out the formula for removing your stress barrier so that you can create magic in your life.  Whether you want to lose weight, start a business, be a better parent, improve your marriage...none of it can happen when you're stressed all of the time.

Removing chronic stress and overwhelm from your life creates space for MAGIC.   We can create that together in just 3 months.