Meg Bennett

: Anxiety Coach

Expert Overview

I help clients break through the limitations of their own minds, to create a more peaceful, confident, purpose-driven, and joyful life. Our minds are our greatest asset and our thinking has a profound impact on our quality of life. Much of our happiness and overall success comes from developing the correct mindset. I use the model, taught by the Life Coach School, to help people learn the power of their thinking.

For people who are suffering from anxiety, it’s even harder to adopt the right mindset, as they feel robbed of their ability to experience happiness. I specialize in people who struggle with the crippling effects of anxiety. As a person who has suffered with severe anxiety myself, I know how bad it can feel. It’s as if you are in a mental prison. I found my way out and I can help you do the same. Give me a call. Let’s chat!

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