Megan Doyle

: Coach for Single Moms

Coaching Philosophy

Being a single mom involves a lot of circumstances outside of your control.

It can be overwhelming dealing with your ex, having limited free time, working, managing the kids, etc.

The good news is, how you respond is always within your control.

When working with me, we coach on all aspects of the model.

We focus on your T line and what you are thinking.

We focus on your F line and making sure you are willing to feel alllll those feelings!

We focus on your A line, so you can have more time for YOU!

And, most importantly... we focus on your results.  What are they?  Are they want you want?

What are your wildest dreams?  And what is keeping you from getting there?

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Work with Me

Do you want to become unstoppable as a single mom?

I can help!

I am a single mama of two and know how demanding it can be.

Just because you're a single mom, it doesn't mean you work so much that you have no free time, or have to feel miserable through the journey.

Do you want to enjoy motherhood again?
Do you want time for yourself?
Do you want to stop hating your ex?
Do you want to make more money?
Do you want to feel truly UNSTOPPABLE?

Mom, I've got you!

We will meet 1:1 on Zoom, for 1 hour a week for 12 weeks.

We do a deep dive into your current mindset for the first 4 weeks.

The next 4 weeks we talk about MONEY, how much you want to make and what limiting beliefs are holding your back.

The last 4 weeks are spent on relationships.  The ones you have with your kids, your ex, your current partner (or finding one!), and anyone else you might be struggling with.

You will learn to be unstoppable!

You ready?  Let's GO!

Jump on a call TODAY! 

I can't wait to chat with you soon!