Melanie Childers

: Business Coach for Feminist Entrepreneurs

Expert Overview

Melanie helps feminist entrepreneurs simplify and scale their businesses to multiple 6+ figures without hustling or burning out. She teaches you how to make a Hustle Free $100k over and over again, so you can create a business you love and make more money than ever while having a massive impact on your community.

Work with Me

If you're ready to get free of internalized patriarchy and get a lot done, check out my free Masterclass.

If you're looking for an irreverent, middle fingers up approach to scaling your business, get on the waitlist for the Bad B*tch Mastermind. We work together for 6 months to create a Hustle Free $100k over and over by using feminist business guidelines to simplify your business, overcome patriarchal mindset blocks, and have the massive impact you want for your community.