Melanie Shmois

: Coach for Elite Athletes and High Performers

Expert Overview

I work with high-performing, ambitious men and women who have accomplished a lot in their career but have found themselves feeling unfulfilled and wanting more.

They still have a lot of drive and are looking to put it towards other fulfilling endeavors but have a hard time identifying what that is. Especially within themselves. My 90-day in depth coaching intensive includes a customized blueprint which guides them back to who they are meant to be, how they are meant to feel, and what they’re meant to do next.

Work with Me

I have over 17 years of experience first as a therapist and now as a personal coach and I have worked with hundreds of clients with several different scenarios and stressors who have created a result that they were deeply proud of during our time together. I used evidence based practices to help my clients create a compelling vision, identify and let go of old belief patterns, cultivate inner strength, and learn to honor commitments that they make to themselves.

I have also worked with some of the best experts in the coaching industry so I can continue to lead my clients into more powerful expansions by developing my unique concepts and strategies.

I do this work one-to-one or I run a quarterly group coaching program called emotional core strength.  If you are a high-achiever looking to create sustainable success please reach out to schedule a connection call.