Melisa Liberman

: Business Coach for Independent Consultants

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Melisa helps Independent Consultants double their revenue without working more.

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Worried where your next consulting client will come from?

Know you’ll regret not building your consulting pipeline, but can’t find the time?

Questioning how it’s possible to deliver the highest quality to your consulting clients AND make time for business development, to avoid gaps in your revenue?

You’re not alone.

I’ve been in this position too, as have my clients.

It’s a vicious cycle - you work 24x7 for your client, not coming up for air to work on creating leads for your own business, and then you’re forced to settle into taking the next client that comes your way (for less money, and less responsibility than you’re worth).

Clients come to me because they’re facing one (or more) of these issues:

  • they’re not sure how to balance delivering for their current clients with lead generation, so they can avoid the constant worry about where the next client will come from
  • they’ve over-relied on their network for projects and know they need to expand into meeting new potential clients. But, they’re not sure how.
  • they’re tired of re-creating the reasons they left corporate in their business - long hours, demanding clients, and constant worry about stability

I get it.
I’ve been an Independent who relies on one primary client, and took on whatever work they offered, often well below what I was worth.
I’ve also been a sub-contractor, and seen so much of my hard-earned $ go to the company that brought me in.
I took me years to realize I was an entrepreneur, and would be so much more successful if I started thinking and acting like a savvy, successful business owner instead of just a contractor.

I walk my clients through a 4-part Method to help them transform from a contractor who accepts any work that comes their way, to a highly sought-after consultant/business-owner who knows exactly how to attract new, ideal client, has full control over their own schedule, and no longer worries about their revenue or stability.

If the time is right for you to get out of the feast or famine cycle in your Independent Consulting business, to get paid what you’re worth, and to have the schedule flexibility, let’s talk.

Click here to schedule a free consultation with me. We'll talk about where you are now, your goals, and what's standing in your way, and if coaching would be a good fit for you.