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Melissa Hardin

: Post-Infidelity Coach for Women & General Life Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help remorseful women, who were unfaithful to their spouse or partner, find self-forgiveness and internal healing. Whether someone was unfaithful recently or years ago, there are thoughts that can often linger causing feelings of shame and guilt, as well as many other emotions, to settle in. Such thoughts and emotions can hinder the process of self-forgiveness and healing. I meet my clients exactly where they are now and walk with them along the path to their own self-forgiveness, emotional healing, and to begin living the flourishing, future-focused life that they truly deserve.

I also coach anyone on just about any issue they are struggling with in modern day life. It helps to have an outside, non-biased individual to listen. It allows space for different perspectives and possibilities to each unique circumstance.

Work with Me

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