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Merced Fityan

: Financial Freedom Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Stop trading your time for money. Time is the most precious resource we have. I'm passionate about helping others live their dream life through financial freedom. I want to help you live a life you design with the freedom to pursue your passions and interests and stop trading your time for money. My life’s mission is to help people achieve their dreams and find their purpose as a way to reach self-actualization. I help you focus on finding your “why” (purpose) then support you with a custom plan, tools, and tactics to empower you make your dream life a reality. I believe when we have freedom from financial concerns many people turn to doing work that ends up contributing to society through creating art, innovation, volunteering or fostering community. People will contribute because they are doing work they love that they find fulfilling and it drives them.

Work with Me

Dyvergent Path Coaching offers a unique blend of financial planning and education, behavioral therapy tools, and career & life coaching to provide you with a holistic approach to your financial life. We can work together to come up with a custom plan for you to reach your financial goals. At Dyvergent Path we will use a mix of traditional wealth management strategies combined with tactics from the Financial Independence Retire Early (FI/RE) movement. We will generate a plan together based on your timeline, needs and goals. Then we can work on any limiting beliefs that might arise during the the journey to stop you from your goals.

At Dyvergent Path the emphasis is to empower our clients about their financial lives and help them fulfill their dreams. We work together to understand where you are now, get clarity on what your ideal situation is and then create an action plan on how to close the gap between the two. We will support you along your journey and help you get there faster.