Meredith Gardner

: Coach for Caregivers in The Sandwich Generation

Expert Overview

Caring for and offering support to multiple generations brings unique stressors.

I have unique tools to address them, because I’ve been there.

I spent 2.5 years caring for my parents who simultaneously had Parkinson’s disease and Pancreatic Cancer. I left my family in Colorado behind and spent a week every month with my parents in Utah. I used Life Coaching tools to be a long-distance mom and wife, improve relationships with my parents and siblings, accept the difficulty of the situation we had been given, and to manage stress-eating and emotional exhaustion.

You are not a victim to your aging parents and growing children.

You have the power to be the Sandwicher you want to be, but overwhelm, exhaustion and resentment are getting in your way.

And chronic emotional stress leads to burnout.

I can bring you back to yourself, even if nothing around you changes.

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