Michael Jaquith

: Catholic and Christian Men's Coach

Expert Overview

Life coaching works, period. When you introduce the Faith and bring in the Divine Physician, it works even better and faster. I help guys break free from where they are stuck. If you feel broken, not worthy, not good enough, or just are ashamed, coaching can help you! You are not alone on this journey, and you are not the only one who feels this way. There is help.

I work primarily with men who are of the Christian Faith, and for whom that faith is important. Typical clients struggle with addictions to pornography or alcohol, worry about their parenting or husbandry, or perhaps are crippled by negative self image and self identity. Give me one hour of your time, and let's see if we fit.

Work with Me

I'm a Ph.D. Chemist, a certified Life Coach, and a conservative Catholic Christian. Some people might think those three cannot exist together - but I'm excited to show you just how well they do!

I offer two different levels of engagement. For those who are beaten down and struggling intensely with problem that just seems too large, I offer direct 1:1 coaching. For those who want to up their game and are comfortable doing some of the heavy lifting themselves, I offer a group membership program. You can contact me to find out what might be the best for your situation!