Michael Sundell

: Life Coach for Stressed Out Creative Professionals

Coaching Philosophy

If you are a creative professional who struggles with performance anxiety, imposter syndrome, burnout, lack of focus and confidence, decision making, or creating greater work/life balance, I can help.

Too many self-help methods tell you to just create better habits, change your thoughts, choose who you want to be instead, or that you need more willpower, determination, and self-discipline. The problem with the "toxic positivity" of these common methods is that they can create more tension, exhaustion, frustration, and shame.

Instead, my work is based on three main principles:

1. Identifying the parts of yourself that are in conflict and getting in the way of where you want to go

2. Bringing compassion and understanding to those parts of yourself so you can discover what needs they are trying to fulfill.

3. Integrating those parts so you can become more aligned and congruent with yourself.

I will create the perfect space for you to experience deep, cathartic healing so you can enjoy the lightness, confidence, and peace of mind that comes from a much healthier relationship with yourself.

When all the parts of you are pointed in the same direction and working together, the resistance that was getting in your way just disappears. The results that come from that are truly life changing!

Work with Me

If you are a professional musician or creative professional who resonates with these ideas and you are curious to learn more, let's have a chat. I make several hours per week available for conversations with people who are looking for support. Of course there is no charge for these conversations. Their purpose is connection and exploration.

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