Michele Pfannenstiel

: Coach for Exceptional Families

Expert Overview

That day when it is
the one everyone is staring at

I coach exceptional families. I help parents and kids of all ages get along as who they are. Because who they are IS AWESOME.

I want to let you in on a secret. There is no hurry to GRAB. You do NOT have to grab your kid and cart them out of there when they melt down. You do NOT have to stuff them in the car and try not to die of embarrassment on the spot. You don't have to do anything at all except keep them safe.

And that is what I help families do. I help you create a container of safety and security in your minds and bodies so that you can be the exceptional family that you are.

Work with Me

If you are looking for a place to coach with someone who really gets it, then I want you to book a call. I also have an exceptional family and we've got all the things too...diagnoses, meds, meltdowns. It's time to work with someone who can really help. Let's get on a call and see if we are right for each other.

Click here to book a 45 interview where we'll talk about what's going on and how we'd work together.