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Michelle Kapler

: Feminist Infertility Stress and Anxiety Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help folks who are going through treatment for infertility find relief from their stress and anxiety.

In my career as a Fertility Acupuncturist, Board Certified Reproductive Specialist and Stress/Anxiety Coach, I have helped hundreds of people navigate this experience.

My approach to coaching (in my membership and with my 1:1 clients) is to address fertility anxiety thought mindset coaching and thought work - but to also recognize the underlying conditioning that contributes to stress, overwhelm, self doubt and emotional pain.

We can acknowledge that our thoughts like "I'm not a good partner because I can't get my body to do the one thing it was meant to do" are indeed coming from our brains - but have also been influenced by patriarchy, sexism and other intersecting identities that we may hold.

Acknowledging this, along with our thought work, allows us to take this work to a deeper and lasting place.

My coaching community prioritizes inclusivity. If you are experiencing infertility or are going through reproductive endocrinology treatments, you are welcome - regardless of your gender, age, race, ability, sexuality or any other identity you hold.