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Michelle (MJ) Johnston

: The Activist Compassion Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Are you a discouraged, overwhelmed and exhausted activist?

There’s too much news to keep up with. There's so many problems to solve.  You're putting in a lot of work and not seeing a lot of change.

You don’t want to give up, but your health is suffering.

The time has come to make a choice. Do you sacrifice your health for the cause or give up your work for the sake of your health?

With the right skills, you can have both. You can be an effective activist AND have a happy, healthy life.

I'll take you on the journey from overwhelm to energy, from anger to compassion. And best of all, we'll have fun getting there.

Work with Me

We begin with a 30 minute call in which I give you the skinny, you ask me all the questions, and we decide if we click. Click here to reclaim your joy!