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Michelle Vasquez

: Ultimate Goal Coach

Coaching Philosophy

As my client, we work on your confidence, self-beliefs, money, what's possible for you and your future self. Together, we work on creating the life that ignites your fire so you can show up as the leaders, parent, partners, entrepreneurs, etc.

Imagine a ship trying to set sail while the anchor is still down - the ship will move, but how far, how fast and for how long? I help you lift the anchor, pull, and break the chains that are holding you to the past. Only then, can you set sail to your own version of paradise, where you can run without holding anything back. Without dimming your light and where you can make more empowered decisions.

I work with you on making the changes from within so you can become your truest self. Because there's nothing more delicious than living your life authentically!

Work with Me

I currently offer a four month coaching package were we explore any area of your life were you might be needing some help.

I have also developed a short & sweet six-week master course where we dive into the five core areas of our lives that affect how we show up today and how we plan our future.

It will be an honor to work with you in English or Spanish.