Michelle Vasquez

: Life Coach for Women Creating Their Best Life

Coaching Philosophy

I’m here for all those women who have unachieved goals or don’t know what’s possible for them.

Those who’ve been taught that their only value is in their household, and carry shame because they want something different than what the system told them they should want.

Everyone can find themselves and their true desires. Goal setting and achieving are available to anyone ready to do the work. Who are tired of feeling like life is happening “to them” and want to catapult towards the life they want to live.

Creating the life you want is within your reach. Resourcefulness is available to you if you’re willing to find it. But, you have to want it, believe that it’s possible for you, and believe in the possibility of it happening.

Work with Me

You have a past and a story, but it doesn’t have to define your future.

Today can be the day that you let go of all the baggage that’s holding you back and open yourself to imaginable opportunities.

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