Mischa Delaney

: The Mindbody Resilience Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I teach people with chronic illness how to make their mind their greatest ally in their healing journey, so they can go from stuck and surviving to resilient and thriving. I’ve created a custom approach to mindbody resilience – a blend of coaching, thought work, mindfulness, and habit change – that will show you how to break free from the limiting cycles of chronic illness and build a life that is fulfilling and expansive. In addition to being a LCS certified coach, I am a certified Mindbody Syndrome Practitioner.

I’m on a mission to bring empowerment and agency into the lives of people living with chronic illness – because I believe our adversity makes us some of the most compassionate, resourceful, and capable people in the world. When you are resilient and empowered, you are able to fully show up for yourself, your loved ones, and impact the world. I believe most revolutionary way we can make the world a better place is to begin by bettering ourselves.

Each and every one of us have thought patterns, habits, and beliefs that act as unintentional barriers to our wellbeing. Most of these are unconscious and come from our brain’s inherent desire to be safe. The brain’s job is to protect us and conserve energy. When threatened by injury, autoimmune dysfunction, infectious disease, etc. the brain kicks into hyper-protective mode. The brain prioritizes rest, avoids pain and stress triggers, and finds ways to avoid anything that can be perceived as a threat. At the beginning of an illness, this hyper-protective mode is essential to survival. But over time it can prevent long-term healing by keeping us in cycles of learned pain. My unique approach to mindbody resilience coaching teaches you how to lovingly unlearn and shift the thoughts and habits that are getting in the way of you living the full and abundant life you’re worthy of.

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