Molly Kremer

: Relationship Coach for Women Litigators

Coaching Philosophy

With a BA in Philosophy, a JD in the law, and a certification in life coaching, I have come to realize all of these endeavors are simply my human attempt to understand, as best I could, the meaning of life and how to best live in it.

As one of my wise undergraduate philosophy professors said to me... "one of the best questions to ask and answer for yourself in deciding how to live your life is whether you want to live the good life or a good life." Since that moment I have always been striving to live a good life but felt that somehow I was still missing what it meant to live a good life.  But now I know...

Being a lawyer gave me some great tools as did my philosophy undergraduate degree, however, it wasn't until I began to experience the transformation that life coaching offered me that I really understood how you actually could lead a good life through the power of thought work.  I now know not only how to lead a good life but also how to live my best life, and as a certified coach, I can now help others lead their best lives as well.

Work with Me

As a litigator and certified life coach, my passion is to work with other women litigators to help them show up to all of their relationships with peace, love and confidence no matter what the other person does or doesn't do.

My proven coaching method combines the litigation mindset I have fine-tuned over the last decade with the cutting edge coaching concepts I have mastered as a certified life coach. This combination has completely transformed all of the relationships in my life - including the most important one of relationship to myself!

The very best part is that the coaching method I am offering can be taught and implemented in as little as six (6) coaching sessions. That's it....short and sweet.

More good news is that, as a fellow litigator, you already possess half of the skill set needed for our work together. All you have to do is work with me on the other half - the fun life coaching half - in order to get the magical combination that unlocks your access to showing up as the best version of yourself in all of your relationships.

Even better, with this new combined skill set, you will be able to self-coach yourself long after our time together is done! You will never become dependent on me for keeping up this new mindset skill.

Imagine...for the rest of your life, you will have a litigator/coach mindset that will allow you to show up to all of your relationships with peace, love and confidence no matter what that other person does or doesn't do. It's all possible.

If any of this resonates with you, contact me for a free 45 minute consultation to get started!