Naomi Grace

: Coach for Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs

Coaching Philosophy

I am a business coach for multi-passionate entrepreneurs.

If you dream big, constantly generate new ideas, have diverse passions & interests, and have an unconventional career path, I am the coach for you.

I will help you stop fighting against yourself, doubting your pursuits, and giving into overwhelm. Instead, we will realign you with clarity and deep belief in what you are creating so you can take a hold of your dreams and turn the impossible into possible.

Work with Me

I coach clients 1-on-1 through my Career Rewrite Course: how to build a business that is ALIGNED with you in 10 hours a week.

This 15 week program is designed for those with limited time who are ready to make a career change. The course will take your business concept from infancy to reality while becoming anchored in confidence and clarity every step of the way.

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