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Naomi Grace

: Coach for Multi-Passionate Women Entrepreneurs

Coaching Philosophy

I teach multi-passionate women entrepreneurs how to simplify and thrive. Through personally tailored coaching, I help multi-passionate women stop fighting against themselves, doubting their pursuits, and giving into overwhelm, and instead, take hold of their dreams, turning the impossible to possible.

I created the BIG BOOST program for those who love to do it all - run their business(es), wholeheartedly pursue all their passions, generate 1000s of ideas, learn and explore new topics yet are still find themselves doubting their actions.

Let’s unearth the doubts, discover the ways you are holding yourself back and turn your multi-passionate self into an even higher functioning powerhouse than you currently are!

Work with Me

I coach clients 1-on-1 through my BIG BOOST program. This 12 week program covers how to simplify without compromising your multi-passionate self, clearly define goals and a roadmap to reach them, radically improve time management, authentically market yourself, explore money beliefs that have you stuck and create room for more.

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