Nicolassa Galvez, Chingona Coach

: Career Coach

Expert Overview

I founded Chingona Coach to support women who are undervalued by their bosses. I want you to learn how to love your job and then leave it. Love it… so you don’t bring your baggage to the next opportunity. And leave it… because I don’t believe traditional workplaces are set up for badass chicas who have big dreams and lean into being too much.

After years of feeling tempered at work, coaching helped me rekindle my internal Chingona fire, and now I coach other women to do the same.

Work with Me

Because most of us fiery souls can’t leave our jobs right away, my coaching helps women learn how to love themselves radically and not wane under your boss’s authority, so you can have the emotional and mental bandwidth to make it through the workday some weeks and thrive at work during other weeks.

Whatever unique gifts you have can be rediscovered and refueled. Maybe some of that magic can be expressed at work… But we can ensure it can be expressed in your non-work life.

  • 1-to-1 Coaching: I am the see’er of the unseen and the undervalued at work. You will have my undivided attention at every session. My role isn’t to tell you what to do; instead, I provide accountability and support to tap into your knowledge so that you build that sustainability muscle after sessions.
  • Between Session Support: I’ve had those spiraling days at work, where something is said, something is read, or something is overlooked… again. That’s why I’m available to you between sessions to vent, to plan, or to refuel before going back in (*but give me a minute to respond).
  • Homework... Or Not: Every call ends with homework, whether it’s defined by you or given by me. Work between sessions helps you to dive deeper into the work we do during our time together. It can vary from a few minutes to several. And not doing your homework, and then getting coached on “why” is always an option!
  • You Are Magic: To all the people who have been made to feel as if they are less than, do not provide enough value, or to dim their lights that you are magical creatures of value. and no matter what your boss tells you or doesn’t see in you that you have something amazing to share with this world.

My most popular package is 4-month's of one-to-one coaching for $1400. If you would like to learn more about working with me, feel free to book a FREE discovery call or send me a message on any of the social media messages I listed below.