Nicole Perrotte

: General Life Coach for Mid- Career Women Physicians

Expert Overview

I coach physicians and professional women who are overworked and overwhelmed and who look like they have achieved it all on the outside. However, they are struggling on the inside. They are lost, empty, paddling furiously but going nowhere.

I help them find themselves and their north star create a meaningful path forward to change their lives. As a physician, I understand the frustration of not being able to find contentment, peace, and joy after having put in years and years of work and energy into your career and how that affects other aspects of your life.

As a Certified Life Coach, I work with doctors and other professional women who want to have a thriving career and a life they love. My clients learn to be more confident, voice their opinions, honor their decisions, become better advocates for themselves, manage their time and be more organized in every area of their life.

After working with me, clients are happier, have clarity on what they want in their lives, have improved relationships, and feel more in control every day, in spite of what may land at their feet on any given day.

My coaching passions are career frustration, emotional wellbeing, and eliminating emotional clutter. I have special interest in supporting those who have a child with special needs.

Work with Me

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