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Nikki Pimental

: Coach for Female Professionals

Coaching Philosophy

I help female professionals create success by achieving inner peace and satisfaction without sacrificing productivity.

We often see success as black or white, either you are successful or you are not, but daily life is the grey space between.
It is possible to be "successful" on the outside with a great career, a desirable income, a beautiful house, the best neighborhood...but still struggle on the inside.

When all the outside success isn't enough, we are in pain.

As humans, we are the best at pushing ourselves aside, beating ourselves up, and putting everyone else first. This can often result in a suffering or emptiness that we aren't even aware of beyond a feeling of missing "something".

I focus on putting you first, by relieving stress, improving relationships (with yourself and others), allowing for individual goals; overall empowering you to be who you truly want to be and to feel how you truly want to feel.

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