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Nina Frusztajer, MD, MS

: Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Are you confused about what to eat for your health and well being? Or, are you simply fed up with your ineffective weight loss efforts that may include counting calories, eliminating entire food groups, and sweating it out at the gym with no results to show for it all?

If so, I have solutions for you! Eating healthy doesn't have to be punishing, overwhelming, or miserable. We'll streamline your eating, clear up confusion, and put a plan in place that will keep you healthy, happy, and trim.

As a physician, nutritionist, certified life coach, yoga instructor, avid cook, and divorced mom of 3 juggling a demanding career, I have the knowledge, efficiency, and experience to help you achieve your nutrition and weight loss goals. It's easier than you think!

My program is based on scientific principles and decades of experience with thousands of clients. Together, we will get you on track physically, mentally, and emotionally so you have the energy, focus, and confidence to handle everything in your life and help you thrive.

Work with Me

Are you ready to feel and look amazing, get clear on what to eat - and what not to eat, simplify meal prep, and make space in your life for connection, meaning, and joy? I'd love to chat with you and get you started on this exciting path.

I invite you to visit my website and book a free call. I look forward to seeing you there!