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Nina Lacher

: Self-Image & Personal Branding Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help life coaches and entrepreneurs who are stuck on what makes them unique and show them how to grow their business by using magentic marketing so they create paying clients with ease by building a personal brand they are truly passionate about.

Work with Me

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During our call, we will find out, where you are in your life & business right now and what holds you back to become the most aligned, magnetic version of yourself. During highly personalized 1:1 sessions we will map out your unique road to success in your life & business.

To inspire people, don't show them your superpowers, show them theirs.

You want to grow your business, but you don't know where to take "this"?

You just cannot decide on your niche or who is your ideal client, feeling stuck, unable to move the needle in your business?

Do you feel overwhelmed about how to market your services and also yourself as a personal brand to your ideal clients?

Do you want to feel empowered in your new entrepreneur identity but you aren´t connected to your self-image?

Have you ever thought about how absolutely fabulous it would be to have your own personal stylist for your life and business?

Someone who can see your unique magic and helps you to reinvent yourself and own your superpowers?

Who is with you along the way, holding space for your dreams and showing you how to get there?

Someone who deeply believes in you, before you do, who helps you to deeply connect within yourself, so you finally can´t wait to put yourself out there?

Well, congratulations! That's me.

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