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Nurse TLC

: I Help Women Who Take Care of Others, Take Care of Themselves First

Coaching Philosophy

Nurses, Teachers, Moms, Daughters, Wives… we are constantly putting others first.

I meet each client exactly where they are… no need to wait for the “right time,” “more time,” or to be in the “right headspace.”

If there is something you are putting off that you’ve been wanting to accomplish - Know you’re perfectly where you are meant to be. You do not have to do a single thing but show up. I already did all the hard work and heavy lifting. Now, it’s YOUR TIME to TAKE CARE OF YOU!

Work with Me

I have the one thing all programs have been missing.

When you ask ourself, why hasn’t everything I’ve tried worked or stuck? Or why can’t I start or re-start that thing (or those things) I keep putting off for myself?

It’s because no one is meeting you right where you are. That’s why it never feels like the right time or that you “just can’t” right now.

Other programs give you a bunch of things and lists of to do’s.

Working with me, you will finally get someone to empathetically meet you right where you are because you are perfectly exactly where you should be.

As a Nurse, Teacher, Mother, Daughter, Wife, Momager, Volunteer, and every other possible title - that basically says, “I serve others,” our biggest challenge is serving ourselves first.

We believe it’s just not the right time, there’s so much going on, it’s too hard, it didn’t work before, I’m just going to fail again or the results are not going to last…

Whatever excuse that really does feel important and true.

If you want to finally start or re-start the weight loss, get some me time, purge that junk drawer or closet, start that new project or adventure, or go back to doing that amazing hobby or activity you used to do but want it to actually stick this time but thinks to yourself, “I just need to be in the right headspace” - You’re Right!


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