Patti Nott

: Online Business & Marketing Coach

Expert Overview

Getting your coaching business online & creating marketing that works doesn’t have to be so hard.

When we focus on the human side of online business and marketing, finding your dream clients becomes easier than ever.

There is no one “right” way to launch or market your business online - only a way that feels right for you.

Work with Me

Are you a coach who's ready to attract your dream clients online?

Look no further. With my done-with-you approach, we'll tackle the tech, strategy, and mindset hurdles that may be holding your business back so we can create a marketing plan and business that works for you.

This is for you if…

⦿ The only engagement you ever see on social is from your mom and aunt
⦿ You would love to market online but are scared of the tech involved
⦿ You barely understand what a funnel is, let alone how to build one
⦿ You hear crickets anytime you share your lead magnet
⦿ You’ve heard FB & IG Ads are too expensive these days so you’re steering clear
⦿ You cannot waste any more money on marketing that doesn’t work

If you’re ready to get your business online with a marketing strategy that works to find your dream clients online faster - we need to chat. Click here to schedule your Strategy Call.

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