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Patti Nott

: The Launch Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I help new coaches get their business from zero to launched!

I help you stop spinning in overwhelm & confusion so you can create & implement a simple, customized,
launch plan that will have your coaching business up & running in 6 weeks or less.

You’ll get advice, accountability & feedback all customized to your specific needs...and it will be served with
a healthy dose of tough love coaching so you can actually bring your much needed work to the world.

After that you can focus on growth….because, as it turns out, it tough to grow a business that doesn't exist
outside your head!

Work with Me

You don't need a niche, website or anything fancy to launch AND it’s totally ok that you still want to have some of
the basics in place, to help you feel ready, before you launch your coaching business!

You can learn to build everything you need to launch without hiring web designers and copywriters or taking more courses, I promise.

This is for you if:

  • You find yourself stuck & spinning in overwhelm & confusion because there is just so much to learn & do
  • You’ve heard all the business terminology but don’t exactly understand how it all works together
  • You’re pretty sure there is a right way to launch and you worry you won’t be successful if you mess it up
  • You’re not sure which, if any, social media channels you should be showing up on
  • You love your business idea but lack a plan and a strategy for how to get it out to the world
  • You’re ready to make decisions
  • You’re ready to let go of your need for perfection
  • You’re willing to go all in & show up for yourself, your business & your future clients
  • You’re not scared of a little tough love coaching & direct feedback
  • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work…this work isn’t for the faint of heart!

The Zero to Launched process is a 6 week intensive coaching experience that will change your life & business. It’s
the perfect blend of "the how" and "the mindset work" necessary to take those first big steps!

The Process:
Step 1: we'll identify everything that's currently getting in your way and preventing you from launching
your business

Step 2: we'll formulate a plan, that you can actually follow, and you'll learn specific tools to help you manage every obstacle that will inevitably come up

Step 3: you'll get customized 1:1 weekly coaching & feedback on your content as we focus on the actions, mindset, & strategy to get you launched

Ready to take the first step, Coach?
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