Pearl Tong-Ngork

: Time Management + Goals Coach

Expert Overview

Ever wish you could clone yourself and get more done?

This is what I help high-achieving moms do.

My secret? We use your calendar as your second brain!

You might not think that calendaring is sexy, but IT IS when we work together!
We'll practice some audacious time management and productivity.

Less overwhelm.
More results.

Less burn out.
More free time.

Less stress.
More balance.

Hi, I'm Pearl! I help busy high-achievers go from goal-setting to goal-getting.

I’ve made a lot of big things happen in my world:

Built and managed a clinical research department from scratch.
Started a bakery during the pandemic — while working as a research manager and remote schooling the kids.
Started a Reiki business and a coaching business — while working as a coaching contractor.

I KNOW how to manage my time -- and I’m looking for smart, successful women who are ready to up-level their time management and productivity, without the overwhelm.

I've coached over 3,000 sessions for The Life Coach School and have worked with clients worldwide - let's chat and get you the support you're looking for!

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