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Penny Lobred

: Everyday Challenges Coach

Coaching Philosophy

Do you find yourself thinking "If Only" something or someone would change, then I would be happy?  Or my life would be better “If Only” _________.

Do you find that your everyday life is filled with drama over all the things you wish people were doing and saying?  And that includes what you think you should be doing and saying.

I help individuals lose the stress and drama of everyday challenges.  You don't need a magic wand and you don't need anyone or anything to change. I  coach you when you are stuck by all the "If Onlys" in your life.

Work with Me

Schedule a 30 minute call to learn about life coaching and discover how I can help you live your best life. We'll talk about where you are, where you want to be and how to stop all the "If Onlys" in your everyday life.  Get Started Here