Pooja Venkatraman

: Stress, Productivity, and Purpose Coach

Expert Overview

Hi! I'm Pooja. I’m a double Harvard grad, ex-management consultant, and former stressed-out overachiever.

I help High-Stress High Achievers (like me!)…
- Eliminate work stress and imposter syndrome
- Get clear + get moving on their next career step
- Create the life they actually want

On fire with stress at work?
I’m here to help you...
- Turn off your inner critic
- Worry less about what other people think
- Deal with stressful situations without burning out
- Do the high-quality work you want, NOT from stress & shame, but from confidence & flow

Confused about quitting your job & not sure what to do next?
I’m here to help you...
- Go from confusion to clarity & conviction
- Think bigger + more strategically about your career could look like
- Pitch yourself and your vision compellingly to others until you land your dream next step

Feeling stuck and like you’re just not living the life you want?
I’m here to help you...
- Separate Should’s from Wants
- Learn how to think creatively to get everything you want with no Should’s
- Build your courage step-by-step to live the life you actually want without holding yourself back

I work with clients one-on-one to help you solve the life and career problems currently in front of you AND to teach you this problem-solving toolkit so that you can continue solving life and career problems easily, efficiently, and effectively for the rest of your life.

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