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Rachael Bodie

: Business Coach

Coaching Philosophy

I coach you on business strategy so you know what to do, and on mindset, so you do it. I help you uncover the limiting beliefs you have about yourself and your business.

Together, we work on creating an organic marketing strategy, building a strong brand, and mastering the mindset required to become a consistent six-figure earner.

My 3 pillars help keep it simple as you scale, so you can achieve your goals without the burnout.

1. Mindset.

This is where it all really begins. I’ll teach you a mindset model to empower you to break through your limiting beliefs to increase self confidence and action. We’ll work together on:

  • Identifying your Vision & Compelling Reason
  • Reverse Engineering Goals
  • Overcoming Obstacle Thoughts
  • Eliminating Overwhelm
  • An Evaluation process for Problem Solving
  • Strength/Personality Assessment
  • Energy Management
  • Building Trust with Yourself
  • And More…

2. Simple Sales & Marketing.

In order to scale your business, you need a sound sales and marketing strategy that is simple enough to execute with consistency. With 20+ years of B2B corporate sales, and organically scaling two six-figure start-ups through social media marketing, I have a proven process that works.

We will work together to create a strategy that combines this process with your strengths and target audience.

3. Business Strategy.

Ever wonder how business women you admire seem to PRODUCE so much in such a SHORT TIME? What’s their secret? Do they hustle harder than you? How do they make it look so easy? In my experience, many business owners struggle because they lack cohesive systems & strategy to meet their goals.

The key is to use specific systems to focus strategy and leverage your valuable time better. I have a background in organizational leadership and coach my clients on how to scale their business using the same strategies employed by successful entrepreneurs and corporations alike.

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