Rachael Cunningham

: Life & Relationship Coach

Expert Overview

I help married women build heart-to-heart connection with their partner and bring fun back to their relationship.

When you drop stress, prioritize your own well-being (physical and emotional), and learn the tools to create emotional safety with your partner, your entire life will feel better.

Marriage is a total life-style choice. You can’t ignore problems in your marriage and expect other areas not to be affected.

But the more you show up for yourself, the better your marriage will be. And the more you learn to create connection and joy in your relationship, the rest of your life is up-leveled too. Boom! That's worth getting excited about!

It’s a beautiful cycle. This is why in my coaching, we focus on both: You and your marriage.
Having a marriage you’re thrilled to wake up to every morning is possible! I can help you get there.

Work with Me

You can work with me in 2 ways!

I work 1-on-1 with women who are done with frustration and ready to welcome peace, joy, and passion back into their marriages and lives.

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Or you can join The Stoked Mastermind, a coaching membership for women only.

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