Rachel Baum, Ph.D.

: Midlife Dream Coach

Expert Overview

I love helping people over 40 to dream again!

By middle age, we’re usually very comfortable being realistic. Practical. But often we’ve forgotten how to dream. We think it’s too late for us, that dreaming is for young people.

We don’t realize that “realistic” is all in our head. It’s what our brain thinks is possible for us.

Expand what you think is possible after 40, and more becomes possible.

Whatever you most want -- confidence, a new career, wealth, early retirement, a loving relationship, a life of adventure – begins with listening to your heart’s desires.

You can create a life that thrills you and that lets you look forward to the future.

Imagine that!

Work with Me

I'm a college professor turned life coach who brings equal measure of heart and brain to my coaching -- like a wise friend who always has your back. My clients are smart and thoughtful people who love that coaching shows them how to use their brains in service of their dreams.

I share weekly free content on my podcast, Making Midlife Magic. Listening to the podcast is a great way to shift your thinking about getting older and to invite delight and passion into your life. It also lets you get to know me, so you can decide if I am the right coach for you.

I love creating custom one-on-one coaching packages that are exactly what my clients need. It all starts with signing up for a complimentary one-hour coaching call. This is the best way of finding out if we're a good fit – and whatever you decide, the hour of coaching will be a gift you give yourself.