Rebecca Blackburn

: Success and Life Coach

Expert Overview

Success is defined differently for everyone, and it changes for each person throughout their life.  As a work-fulfilled woman, it's easy to feel torn between life and work.  It can feel challenging to be good at both.  I assure you that you can be good at both AND you don't have to choose.  The first step is to define what it means to you, how you want to show up, and the rest is as good as done.

Work with Me

I work with my clients 1:1 to help them achieve the success they are after.  I teach them how to define success for this season of their life and career, create the roadmap to get there, and take action. We work on mindset, how-to, and accountability so they stay focused and keep moving forward, even when it seems impossible. Click here to schedule a consult call today.